COCOLY – 20kg


Suitable for organic farming



Known as a “fertilizer miracle”, Cocoly is a water-soluble granular fertilizer that is able to satisfy the nutrient demands of plants during different growth periods. Cocoly encourages root growth, supplements potassium and micronutrients, balances the pH level of your soil, and provides exceptional disease resistance.

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Weight 20 kg
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N 15%
P 1.1%
K 4.2%
S 18.7%
Mg 0.6%
ZTDH -Fulvic Acid Original Powder  
ZTDH -Polymeric Acid Substance (PAS)  
ZION-Molasses Fermentation Soluble (CMS)  
ZTDH -Polyaspartic Acid (PASP)  
ZTDH -Ploy Glutarnic Acid (PGA)  
ZTDH -Rooting Powder  
ZTDH -Bacillus cereus >0.192 CFU/kg
ZTDH -Bacillus subtilis >0.132 CFU/kg
Specially added Micro Nutrients:  



1-Nitrogen-conserving, phosphorus absorption promotion and potassium supplement

2-Improvement of absorption and utilization of crops

3-Root grow and strengthening

4-Flower retention and fruit growth acceleration

5-Balance of PH value in soil

6-Disease resistance and premature senescence resistance



This product is suitable for all kinds of crops; especially vegetables; fruits: corn, cotton, etc.. can be applied to all kinds of irrigation methods, Foliar, drip irrigation, flood irrigation, hole fertilization, broadcast fertilization aid surface irrigation, etc.



Saturated solution – 1kg of Cocoly in 3 liters of water. Recommended solution 1 kg of Cocoly in 10 liters of water. Solibility will depend on water temperature and water quality. For all other applications, follow instruction in table






  Direction to use:  
Crops Drip irrigation/Foliar Flood irrigation/broadcast
Fruits: Apple, grape, peach, pear, orange, mango, lemon, etc 5Kg-10Kg/400Ltr water for foliar spray 120kg-180kg/hectare 1Kg-2Kg/plant
Fruit vegetables: tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, etc 3Kg-5Kg/150Ltr water 60kg-120kg/hectare

Or as per requirement of crop

Tubers crops: Garlic, onion, ginger, potatoes, etc 1,5Kg-4Kg/100Ltr water 60kg-120kg/hectare

Or as per requirement of crop

Wheat, corn, cotton, rice, etc 2-5Kg/150Ltr water 50kg-100kg/hectare

Or as per requirement of crop

The application rates should only be seen as general recommendations and can vary under local conditions.


Warnings and precautions for use:

This product is safe while mixed and applied with neutral & acidic chemicals or other fertilizers; avoid application in rainy or in blazing sunshine. Store in dry places. Keep out of reach of children; only use for Agricultural.